4 Generations with a Passion for Diamonds & Jewelry

4 Generations with a Passion for Diamonds & Jewelry

The Dream Begins

One of the things that make Mika & Co unique is that we have been cutting, polishing and setting diamonds for 4 generations. We are excited to share a brief tour of our factory where your jewelry will be made.  In pursuit of excellence our factory only uses the highest quality diamonds and precious metals.  Strict quality controls have been put in place at every step of the process, which you will now see firsthand. From our family to you family, we are dedicated to quality and trust.

As Mika & Co Creative Director I will be your tour guide of sorts.

My grandfather and father taught me everything they knew about diamonds and diamond jewelry and this precious work has become my life.  Although I live in Italy I travel the world for Mika & Co.  You can contact us from the US, all across Europe and Australia.  We aim to be your personal jewelers.

Stefano Nicoletti, Creative Director


Design & Model Making

Everything starts with an idea and a sketch.

A C.A.D. software (3 images below) then generates a 3-dimension design derived from the sketch.

Finally, a sophisticated machine translates it into a wax model. The model is cast into metal and an expert jeweler (model maker) refines it to obtain a definitive prototype used to obtain a rubber mould, using vulcanized rubber. The mould is the negative impression of the piece itself and can produce an almost unlimited number of wax replications, maintaining its details unaltered.




By injecting wax into the rubber mould, we obtain a wax replication of the object.  A number of waxes are mounted on a “tree”. The tree is immersed into a flask, where special plaster is poured and vacuumed. During the casting process the wax, held in the plaster and heated at very high temperatures, is lost. The hollow mould left by the lost wax will be filled by precious metal, injected at high pressure into the plaster. Once the plaster has cooled down, the metal object can be revealed.


At the Jeweler’s Bench


The item cast is rough at first and various steps are needed to be meticulously followed. This all happens at the jeweler’s bench.  Using files of different grains, the jeweler files the metal to bring the rough item to its final shape. Saws, blades, burins and burs will help the jeweler in this process. No matter how many modern techniques are used, there is still a lot of handwork and artistic skills involved: a jeweler, just like a sculptor, shapes the material with his hands.


Setting the Diamonds & Gems

When the bench work is completed the piece is handed to the setters. According to the technique of setting (pave’, microscope setting, prong, channel or bezel) the setter uses different tools. The piece is held firmly with red lacquer so that the setter can bend, cut and push the metal without damaging the piece. Gems & diamonds are accurately sorted to be consistent in quality. Important Note: Mika & Co only sells 100% conflict free diamonds and each purchase comes with a Conflict Free Guarantee.



The Shine Process


The jewel now composed of metal work and stones, proceeds to its final stage. The metal is not yet shiny and brilliant as we are used to seeing it.  Scratches and grooves – deriving from previous stages – need to be removed. Polishers use a variety of harder and softer fabric wheels on a fast rotating motor and with the aid of special waxes shine the metal.

Quality First

A final quality control can now take place. Through 20x magnification loupes specifically trained personnel scrutinize the piece, looking for flaws, and eventually processing the piece for a better finish. When the jewel finally meets a long list of QC criteria, it is dispatched to be certified and the Mika & Co Security Seal is added. The jewel is packed under vacuum to preserve its integrity and shipped to our offices where it will receive our luxurious packaging just before transportation to it’s final destination: You!

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