Tips for Cleaning Your Diamond Ring

Tips for Cleaning Your Diamond Ring

Regular Cleaning = Regular Sparkle

Even though it’s not one of the 4 Cs, and doesn’t affect its intrinsic value, “Cleanliness” affects a diamond’s beauty as much as any of the 4 C’s (Diamond Carat Weight, Diamond Cut, Diamond Color, Diamond Clarity).  Keeping your diamond glittering and shiny is not as hard as you may think!  Regular care for your diamond is easy and won’t cost you an arm and a leg!


What makes diamonds dirty?

A diamond’s exceptional beauty comes from the way it interacts with light.  Diamonds absorb light and if cut with the proper proportions, that light will bounce around inside the diamond and shine back out producing the trademark sparkle of a diamond!  The light should enter and exit the diamond table. (Learn more about the anatomy of a diamond.)  The quality of the diamond facets is a very important factor in how well your diamond will sparkle.

In regular wear, a diamond is exposed to dust and grime and to the natural oils of our skin and whatever else it comes in contact with (lotions, creams, food…).  This exposure causes a film or slightly sticky layer to coat our diamonds, attracting dirt and dust which sticks on to it.  The diamond is therefore blocked from receiving and absorbing light, making a diamond appear dull and lacking its shine.

To remove this grimy layer, regular cleaning is the best way to sustain and restore your diamond’s glory!

Simple is best -warm water and soap:

Before you start, make sure that you work in a sealed basin or container.  Never clean your diamond near the sinkhole or drain!

Prepare a solution of warm water with soap.  Dish washing soap is best as it has grease-removing qualities.  Do not use hand or body soaps which will naturally contain moisturizers and leave their own oily layer.  Take a soft toothbrush, delicately and carefully brush all over the piece, trying to reach the spaces in between the settings as well.  You can apply more soap to build foam (some people like to use toothpaste for this) and clean well all over.

NEVER use sharp pointy tools or objects such as a needle, to try get into hard to reach grooves or spaces; this may cause scratches to the metal or even damage to your diamond!  For more simple yet important advice visit: Caring for of Your Diamonds & Jewelry.

After cleaning, rinse your jewelry with fresh water.  A good idea is to do this in a strainer to avoid it falling down the drain.

Gently rub and buff your jewel with a clean, lint free cloth.

If there are water stains, an easy way to remove them is by applying alcohol, a small spray or some drops should do the trick.

Home Cleaning Kits:

There are many home cleaning machines and kits offering home ultrasonic or steam cleaning and other methods.  If you are set on using these, make sure to buy your kit from a reputable company and be wary if it contains harsh chemicals or rough abrasives.  The results of these home machines are not equal to the results that will come from cleaning by a professional with specialized industrial machines.

Remember, professional jewelers recommend at home you stick to simple soaps or even highly diluted ammonia, basic toothpaste and soft cleaning cloths: you don’t need anything more.  If you stick to the basic home methods as described above, then professional intervention will be only be necessary very infrequently.

We recommend using soap & water with a toothbrush – simple and will work most of the time.

Store them right:

Make sure that your diamonds are stored in a safe and protective spot.  Ideally, each piece should have its own compartment when stored.  They should be kept flat as possible, certainly avoid them being bunched and squashed. This is so that they shouldn’t come into contact with and scratch each other and themselves.  If you don’t have compartments, use cloth or leather pouches, wrap each piece up in its own piece of tissue paper or even place them in their own bags.

When traveling, small leather or cloth pouches are ideal for packing your jewelry as they are not bulky, take up little or no weight and space and protect your jewels from scratches and scrapes.  (Once again, keep individual pieces separate and flat as possible).

For these reasons Mika&Co provides a free pouch with all purchases.  It is not only beautiful but also helps keep your diamonds and jewelry safe!  More details about Mika&Co Free Luxury Packaging.

When professional care is necessary?

Although household cleaning will go a long way to keeping your diamond in tip top shape, sometimes its best to let a professional do the rest.

When there is a build up of dirt in places which you can’t reach (remember, do not stick pointy sharp objects in the settings…), when stains won`t come off using conventional methods or when you feel like you want that extra shiny sparkle you can’t achieve … jewelers have special machines and methods which will be more effective than what you can do at home.

When you fear that your diamond setting or diamond itself are damaged, do not attempt to do it yourself, but rather get it assessed and dealt with by the trained specialists out there.

It’s wonderful to enjoy the benefits of keeping your jewelry clean:

Your diamond, Magnificent and Sparkling as it is meant to be!

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