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Our story

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. I’m inspired by my passion for nature, under any of its forms. I’m inspired by architecture, by the symmetry of a neoclassical Italian garden, or the bold structure of a suspended bridge. I’ve been spending my most formative years taking photography of anything I liked, creating myself a huge library of images, writing inside of me the literature of the story I wanted to tell.

My passion and my vision of jewelry come from my grandfather and my father.  I was lucky enough to be born in a jewelers’ family. I have strong memories of myself as a kid running around my grandfather’s and afterwards my father’s jewelry factory, between the benches, playing with the tools, tasting all kinds of scents, tuning my ears to the noise of a hammer, my eyes to a burning flame, hypnotized by a diamond polisher’s wheel spinning.

I’ve always been intrigued by how the jewelers were shaping platinum and gold with their hands, using funny tools, with incredible precision and no hesitation.  I loved the respect my grandfather and my father had for their job, how respectfully they were handling, pondering, louping a gem.  It was a mixture of levity, grace and implacable strength, resolution and pragmatism.

My grandfather and father instilled in me what I deem today a blessing. They taught me that jewelry is about giving a shape and expression to a feeling, to Love.  Today I feel the firm will of sharing it with people.  A jeweler, or a designer, is not an artist that works for his own indulgence.  He has to relate with the public. The public, the customer gives him a reason, often the inspiration, to create.  It’s not just a brief, it’s real compassion intended in its true meaning which is to “share a passion”.

Whatever reason is leading you to a jeweler, you must feel that your passion, love, feeling is heard and understood, because what moves you to buy a piece of jewelry or art is to give a shape to that feeling.  The more I can relate to my public the better I will perform my profession.  What you are buying communicates a special message.  Human beings need symbols to synthetically communicate to others.

A tattoo, a rip on a canvas, a heart drawn on a piece of paper, a flower … we all use symbols and we look for those symbols to better express ourselves.  Jewelry is a symbol. Through shapes and materials I as a jeweler can tell so many stories.  And what I would love the most is you being part of those stories.


Our mission
We focus on fashion and beauty. Here at Mika&Co. we provide you unique products of high quality. Our job is to ensure that you look the coolest on every party or at the beach on holiday.
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